Flisvos- your place in the sun

*The Flisvos Taverna*

Our cosy Taverna is located in Frangokastello on a small peninsula. Just a handful of sand separates the relaxing shady terrace of the taverna from the sea. We are known for excellent organic food, mainly of local cultivation - you can also enjoy the so called: Mediterranean balanced "Crete-Diet".

We offer daily homemade local meat-specialities such as beef, chicken, lamb or rabbit. Either crispy barbecued or it comes along with a nice creamy sauce - aside with fresh herbs you prefer, added with tomatoes, peppers, eggplant or potatoes- Just as you like.

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If you much rather prefer eating fresh fish, it is our pleasure to serve you the catch of the day. Stelios, the brother of Spiro (the owner) takes care of fishing to assure you very fresh fish daily.

Even Vegetarians can fully enjoy themselves. To mention just some of our vegetarian dishes like "Briam", Ocra (lady fingers),"Chorta"(mountain green) and stuffed bell-peppers, there is much more variety to choose from our menue card.Afterwards try one of our greek deserts.

Enjoy our small sweet little filled pastries or a rich-creamy greek yoghurt combined with stewed fruits, sparkled with sweet honey and crumbled walnuts. The final end of a marvelous greek food menue is the almost mandatory Raki (Tsigouria).

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Meals are served around the clock for our guests. So you can pick anytime what you want of our variety. Surely we offer menue-cards nowadays, but you can also go directly to the kitchen and have a glimpse at Spiros saucepans to decide what you would prefer. In Crete the main dish is always served in the evening. Local greek people hardly eat dinner before 9p.m. They are known for enjoying their long feast in the evening which is the main reason why the usually don´t have or skip breakfast. A couple of coffees in the morning mostly fulfill their needs, because the rich dinner the night before is sufficing until lunch time.


A small excerpt of greek cuisine:

Tsatsiki – farmers cheese (+ yoghurt) mixed and swirled with fresh garlic and very thin shredded cucumber
Soups – very delicious and always homemade, different varieties like tomato-soup,Fishsoup (Psarosupa), Chicken-Soup, Veggie-soup. Always very tasty our "Avgolemono zupa"(Egg-Lemon-Soup) or "Fasolada" (Bean-soup). A very typical starter for Easter is "Magiritsa"- a stew-Soup made of Innards of lamb
Saganaki – Oven-fried cheese, served in aluminium foil
Dolmades – with rice stuffed vine leaves
Melizanespitta – puff pastry filled with eggplant, cheese, farmers cheese or squash
Feta – soft, crete feta-cheese made of sheep milk
Graviera – old, spicy hard cheese (sheep milk)
Olives – small plate of organic, mouthwatering Olives
Gigantes – small plate with great white beans-sprinkled with our tasty Olive-oil
Fava – mash of chickpeas
Chochli – escargots pan-fried in Oliveoil with vinegar, served with a toothpick
Melizanosalata – mash of eggplants, nicely spiced
Kolokithakia Tiganita – breaded / breadcrumbled fried squash-slices
Melitzanes Tiganites – breaded / breadcrumbled fried eggplant- slices


Flisvos Kreta