Flisvos-your place in the sun


is situated in Frangokastello in the region of Sfakia on the island of Crete. Crete- Sfakia-Flisvos.
The region of Sfakia is a very laid back region on Crete which conserved its own culture and genuine charisma. In this region you can find pristine villages like Frangokasello, still living the traditional crete way of life.

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Crete... is a beautiful spot which is still untroubled by mass tourism. Flisvos in F. can be the right place for your vacation if you are looking for charming places and great landscapes, you like to enjoy your vacation in a calm environment, you are looking for solitary beaches and/or like to persue outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, climbing or swimming, diving and fishing.

Then Flisvos Frangokastello is the perfect place for you Crete-vacation


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Energetic recreation on the powerful Southwest Coast of Crete: Flisvos Frangokastello

“Flisvos” named by the greek word “to murmur/ to roar” (the Murmur of the ocean) is situated on the Soutwest coast of Crete - a magical, untamed and beautiful island.

Ever since this spot is an attraction to people who are looking for peace, tranquillity as well as recreation. Due to its natural attraction and its stunning beauty it is worth the while to come and visit this place.

Apart of the big roads, the noise, the agitated and hectic society you can find our peaceful guesthouse Flisvos, located directly on the waterfront of the Lybian sea.
Our small, familiar guesthouse offers several spacious and well equipped rooms (single and double rooms) and is being managed by Spiro the kindhearted and very friendly owner.

Besides the pictural mountain scenery (prominent Lefka-Ori mountains) which is close to the sky-blue ocean, this place/FLISVOS has also beautiful nice sandy beaches which offer you an unique holiday of a lifetime.

There are many impressive gorges, commanding steeps, which challenge you to hike or do a walking tour, as well as never-ending appearing beaches, and small villages which invite you to do your own discovering tour.

No matter if you choose to stay at a room in our guesthouse or decide yourself for one of our vacation rentals with your own poolarea, one thing is for sure: you and your family can spend an individual, comfortable and relaxing holiday.
Spiros and his family will take care of your needs and offer excellent, typical Crete food (mainly of local cultivation), including also fresh fish (catch of the day).

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